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Bold Space Candle Co.

12 oz. Be Bold - teakwood + amaretto + tonka bean

12 oz. Be Bold - teakwood + amaretto + tonka bean

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Did you hear that Bold is the new black? We thought so, but just in case we'll fill you in!

We wanted to create a product that will represent the essence of what we believe. Light this candle to inspire you to "Be Bold" and stand up for what you believe in. We are always encouraging each other to share thoughts and ideas so that we can create the space and life we want.

Be Bold, is a reminder to use your voice, whether that be to share an idea, stand up for something you believe in, or just simply be open about who you are. Trust us, we will love you for it!


Mood |  Inspired to use my voice


Scent Notes:  teakwood + amaretto + tonka bean


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