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It all started with a simple desire to make my own candles and shower steamers for personal use and for those closest to me. But little did I know, this passion project would quickly turn into a full-fledged business!

 As the sole proprietor of Bold Space Candle Co., I proudly wear many hats - from creator and owner to product-maker, designer, purchaser, and even trash-taker-outer. Yes, you read that right, I do it all. But, I couldn't do it without the support of my amazing friends and family who step in to help when things get hectic. Their unwavering support and assistance have been crucial in keeping my sanity intact while growing my business.

 My journey as an entrepreneur began with my relentless need for a creative outlet in my life. I have always been fascinated by scents and their ability to evoke emotions and memories. So, I started experimenting with different fragrances and mixing and matching them to create unique candles that couldn't be found anywhere else. Each of my candles contains up to 6 different fragrances carefully curated to create a one-of-a-kind product.

 In a saturated market of candle-makers, I knew that I needed to stand out to be successful. And that's exactly what I did. It wasn't easy, there were many failures and setbacks along the way, but I persevered and kept my focus on my ultimate goal - to create the perfect candle. And I'm proud to say, I have succeeded in doing just that.

 But my work is far from over. As a passionate and dedicated business owner, I am constantly coming up with new mixology ideas to try out in my shop. So, for all my fellow candle-lovers out there, be on the lookout for new and exciting scents coming your way. I'm also in the middle stages of offering curated gift boxes and I'm very excited to launch them in late summer of 2024. From candles to shower steamers, to even body butters, I'm at work, day and definitely at night experimenting with all things that smell good!

In late May of 2023, we teamed up with Faire Wholesale and it really took off! We are proud to be in over 30 states and even a few shops in Europe! As our business continues to expand, we are grateful for our amazing customers who have played a crucial role in our growth. Through developing close relationships with other business owners, I am humbled by the opportunity and express sincere gratitude for my customers. The journey is far from over, and I am excited to see where it takes us next.

Being a small business of just one person may seem daunting to some, but to me, it's a source of pride. I pour my heart and soul into every candle that I create, and I wouldn't have it any other way. So, thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about my journey. And if you ever find yourself needing a little light and warmth in your life, I invite you to try a Bold Space candle, or one of our very refreshing shower steamers - a product of passion and creativity!

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Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Soothe Your Senses with Calming Menthol Shower Steamers.

Create a tranquil shower experience with our Menthol Shower Steamers. Indulge in the calming aromas and feel your worries vanish.

Key takeaways:

1) Menthol Shower Steamers can transform your shower into a calming retreat.

2) The soothing scents can help alleviate stress.

3) Using these steamers can enhance your shower experience and promote relaxation.

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Travel Size Candles

Great Gift Ideas

Our 3 oz. candles carry a strong scent for its little size! Great for sampling many scents without the commitment. 25+ hours of burn time.

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6 oz. Weekend Ritual-Bold Space Candle Co.

Weekend Ritual 6 oz. matte black tin

The Weekend ritual has botanical depth due to its sultry properties.

It's sensual, warm, and smooth, and could possibly minimize all your stress. Okay, maybe not eliminate it, but it's very comforting! It's one of our favorites and we use it to unwind after our day and prepare for the weekend. You can use it as the perfect gift or as a treat for yourself (wink).

Make this candle an extension of your home!

Mood | Spotify with a glass of wine

Notes: Sandalwood + Powder + Musk + Vanilla

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